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The Hottest Names in Men’s Designer Clothing

Brands like ArmaniRalph Lauren, and Brioni have helped to shape the world of men's designer clothing. Although these brands are still highly influential, there are a number of new designer menswear designers on the scene. These creative talents are helping to dictate the future of menswear. You'll want to keep a watchful eye on these talents if you're hoping to follow the latest trends.

Kiko Kostadinov

Kiko Kostadinov is a London-based designer that currently serves as the creative director for fashion label Mackintosh. In addition to these duties, Kostadinov runs his own label, Favoured by Dover Street Market. He is known for combining elements of minimalism and futurism.

At the time of writing, Kostadinov is the only menswear designer that has been awarded the NewGen prize by the British Fashion council. His work has also been profiled in major publications like Vogue. Recently, Kostadinov has been collaborating with other established labels like ASICS.

Kiko Kostadinov

Kunal Rawal

India is becoming increasingly prominent in the fashion world. This is in part due to the strong showings designers like Kunal Rawal have had at Lakme Fashion week. Unlike many Indian designers, Rawal fashion viewpoint isn't shaped by Bollywood. Instead, Rawal focuses on understated and casual designs that are highly wearable. Rawal has spoken about his frustration with western silhouettes that dominate the Indian fashion world. His line consists of mainstream looks with a uniquely Indian perspective. Many Indian celebrities, including Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor, have chosen to wear his styles. Kunal Rawal

Alexandre Mattiussi

Alexandre Mattiussi cut his teeth working for major luxury labels like Givenchy and Dior. Now, Mattiussi has his own label: AMI. The label was launched in 2011, and it has already been incredibly successful. His clothing can be found in stores across the globe. Mattiussi has said that one of the goals of his label is to make casual clothing feel chic. He also tries to put his high-fashion background to good use. The bomber jackets and greatcoats in his line feature top-of-the-line materials and precise coats. While the AMI label feels very luxurious, Mattiussi strives to keep his prices affordable. He wants real men to be able to wear his clothing. Alexandre Mattiussi

Charles Jeffrey

Charles Jeffrey is fairly new to the London menswear scene, but he's already made a huge impression. Unlike many menswear designers, Jeffery hasn't just received attention for his clothing. His LOVERBOY fashion shows, which take place at nightclubs, blend high fashion with performance art. In his brief time on the fashion scene, Jeffery has managed to cross a number of boundaries. Even though he specializes in menswear, he has sought to have both female and male models wear his clothing. Currently, his primary goal is to bring artistry to the menswear fashion scene. He has already dressed major stars like Harry Styles, and it seems likely that more celebrities will collaborate with him in the future. Charles Jeffrey

Chanwoo Lee

Tokyo is a major player in the woman's fashion world. Now, Korean designer Chanwoo Lee is showing that this Japanese city will help shape the future of men's designer clothing. His label, Acuod by Chanu, was a major hit at Tokyo Fashion Week 2017. Chanwoo Lee works directly with Japanese zipper manufacturer YKK so that his clothing can easily be altered. Thanks to well-placed zippers, wearers are able to change and customize his pieces. Lee's goal is to break through the walls around the men's fashion world. Chanwoo Lee

Jey Perie

Jey Perie, the creative director of the brand Kinfolk, is uniquely inspired by the Brooklyn nightlife scene. When Kinfolk initially launched, it wasn't a clothing brand at all; it began as an event space. Today, Kinfolk is known for their stylish sweatshirts and tees. Recently, Perie has been expanding his brand's reach. Kinfolk has recently opened pop-up shops in Asia, and the brand may be opening shops in other parts of the world as well. While Kinfolk has gone through a major evolution, the brand has never lost its edge. It's still one of the most daring labels in the world of menswear. Jey Perie

Liam Hodges

While some designers are content to put their clothing up and center, Liam Hodges likes to put himself in the spotlight. He has made appearances at many of his catwalk shoes. Hodges' strong personality is a reflection of his brand. His clothing line, LH, is specifically aimed at men that eschew conformity. The LH label features everything you would expect from a high-fashion brand, but it is also heavily influenced by subculture. Hodges has a strong vision for his line, and he hopes that is vision can help to diversify menswear in the future. Liam Hodges

Craig Green

When Green first appeared on the fashion scene in 2014, he won the British Fashion Award for Emerging Menswear Designer. More recently, he was named the menswear designer of the year at the Fashion Awards 2017. After receiving these major awards, Green is poised to take his label to new heights. Even though Green is a menswear designer, his work is often described as "gender neutral." A number of women have chosen to wear his sleek and simple styles. Green has stated that he thinks the lines between men and women's fashion are becoming increasingly blurred. His more recent collections have used both male and female models. Craig Green

Dean Pozniak

Dean Pozniak inherited the 70-year old brand Simon and Mary from his family. However, this South African designer wasn't content to leave the millinery as it was. Instead, he has worked to transform the brand and turn it into one of the most fashion-forward labels in the menswear industry. Pozniak has worked to create appealing new designs for this fashion label, and he has also worked to showcase these designs in an appealing way. His partnership with photographer Trevor Stuurman has shown off the vibrancy of his designs. Pozniak's hard work has paid off in a big way. His clothing has been worn by celebrities like Steve Tyler and He is working to make the styles of South Africa's past relevant again. Dean Pozniak

John Elliott

There's more to menswear than suits, and designers like John Elliot are working to prove that. Elliot is one of the biggest names in the world of athletic wear. He helped to pioneer many of the layered looks that are a staple of menswear today. Although Elliot has already achieved a great deal of success, he is continually trying to broaden his horizons as a designer. His most recent collection was inspired by the time he spent wandering the streets of Vietnam. His casual and comfortable styles are something that men from all walks of life can wear. John Elliott

Edward Crutchley

Crutchley is truly a new name in the world of men's fashion; he is a recent graduate of Fashion East. While he hasn't yet had the kind of impact that some of the other designers on this list have had, he has already proven that he is a master of artisan techniques. His label has had two very positive showing at London Fashion Week. Crutchley is focused on creating beautiful textiles. His beautiful materials and strong silhouettes demonstrate that he is a designer to watch. A number of experts have said that Crutchley is the next big name in men's designer clothing. The designers listed above are some of the hottest names in men's designer clothing. Even though these designers are new to the fashion world, they have already had a tremendous impact. Only time can tell if these designers will be able to reach the heights of labels like Brooks Brothers and Gieves & Hawkes. Edward Crutchley

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